We provide products, solutions, and services for a wide range of crane and hoist applications.

Our company offers a high-quality repair service for crane drives installed worldwide.


Cranes are used across many heavy industries to move equipment or goods either in manufacturing or transportation environments. There is currently a trend to increase safety at work and to optimize efficiency in industrial operations. Cranes can make a vital contribution to these areas.
There are various types of cranes: overhead traveling cranes and gantry cranes. With these kinds of cranes a load is hung from a gripper by cables and the load behaves like a swinging pendulum. The swaying load can be a dangerous hazard. The load can also place extreme stress on the crane itself.

The way to improve crane safety is to adjust the movement of the load carefully with an AC or DC drive linked to the electric motor.

The Four Quadrants

Cranes and hoists are high-performance pieces of equipment. As a result, they need four-quadrant loads. This term means they have positive speed and torque with acceleration, positive speed and negative torque with deceleration, reverse accelerating quadrant with negative speed and torque, and decelerating quadrant with negative speed and positive torque. Therefore, speed and torque can be in any direction.

AC or DC

DC motors are expensive to use due to high maintenance costs. As a result, they are becoming obsolete. In contrast, AC motors are robust and simple in design so they don’t need a lot of maintenance. Also, AC motors are cheap to run.

Cranes and hoists tend to use AC motors with flux vector control. However, many DC motors are still in use. When modernising an existing installation you need to consider whether to overhaul the existing DC drive or replace it with an AC motor.

Crane Applications


This means the lifting or lowering of a weight.

Bridge, gantry, or long travel

This is the part of a high crane made up of girders, trucks, end ties, a walkway, and the drive equipment that moves the trolley and takes it alongside the runway

Trolley, or cross travel

This is the unit carrying the hoisting component that moves on the bridge rails. The trolley runs on a single motor or two motors along with a shared shank.

Jib or boom

These terms describe the horizontal beam holding up a moving hoist attached to the wall or to a column mounted on the floor.


The term describes the pointed swinging of a crane boom or crane jib in a horizontal direction. This movement is seen in cranes of a tower type.

Types of Crane

  • Overhead crane
  • Process crane

  • Rail-mounted gantry crane

  • Rubber tired gantry crane

  • Goliath crane

  • Grab crane

  • Ship to shore (STS) container crane

  • Marine crane

  • Mobile crane

  • Mobile harbor crane

  • Tower crane

  • Construction hoist

Benefits of Our Drives

  • Intelligence

  • Performance

  • Flexibility

  • Safety

  • Efficiency

  • Speed

  • Full support

  • Integrated control software

  • Compact

  • Modular

  • Power variations

We Can Help

We can source a range of hoist and crane drives from a variety of manufacturers. Also, our engineers offer a comprehensive crane drive repair service with personalised test rigs.

We offer bespoke advice and can design an application with drive experts to support our industrial clients. Our software and hardware solutions are personalised to allow perfect integration and optimisation of the entire system.

Our AC drives provide easy speed control and total efficiency for all kinds of cranes from small hoists to large mobile cranes that can lift thousands of tons.

Our engineers have decades of experience with crane drives. Our expert teams can help you with maintenance, spare parts, technical support, and upgrades. Our service means you can prolong the life of your drive while ensuring maximum performance and trouble-free operation.

The Repair Process

We provide high-quality repair and refurbishment services and our experts work to the highest engineering standards.

For your convenience we have a range of repair options:

*subject to availability

  • Standard – 7-10 days

  • Urgent – 2-3 days

  • Service exchange – replacement within 48 hours*

  • Spare unit – same unit as the original*

Our Key Service Promises

No fix no fee
Fast turnaround time
Upfront fees
2-year warranty
Fast delivery

We like to think our repair options are the best in the industry.

In fact, we are so confident that we won’t charge you if we can’t fix your drive.

Our skilled engineers will make sure that your item is as good as new so you can avoid future equipment failure.