Repair of industrial electronic PCBs down to component level

Industrial electronic repair (PCBs) is more complicated today than it has ever been. However, they still can be repaired, regardless of how badly they are damaged!

At Inverter Drive Repair, we specialise in industrial electronic PCB repair. Whether it is a high-value drive in need of restoration or you are looking for a quick-fix of a less expensive model, PCB repair can support your business by keeping costs down and ensuring business continuity.


Each repair project must follow proven and well-established procedures to ensure a trustworthy outcome.

IDR repair engineers have the technical knowledge and skills needed for high reliability repair and rework, whether it’s replacing surface mount devices or repairing damaged multi-layer circuitry.

We can offer PCB Modification, final test, and assembly since today’s circuit board repair techniques are more advanced than ever before. We employ the most up-to-date procedures and test rigs.

Our friendly customer service team is there to deal with any client query and we offer full around-the-clock technical support.

The Repair Process

For your convenience we have a range of repair options:

*subject to availability

  • Standard – 7-10 days

  • Urgent – 2-3 days

  • Service exchange – replacement within 48 hours*

  • Spare unit – same unit as the original*

Our Key Service Promises

No-fix-no fee
Fast turnaround time
Upfront fees
2-year warranty
Fast delivery

We like to think our repair options are the best in the business.

In fact, we are so confident that we won’t charge you if we can’t fix your drive.

Our skilled engineers will make sure that your item is as good as new so you can avoid future failure.