IDR provide Vacon NXC Repair, Servicing and Refurbishment services

The Vacon NXC is a compact and enclosed drive unit, so it is suitable for environments where space is in short supply. The drive performs well in tough environments like the mining, oil, gas, or water industries. The enclosure is thermally managed. This extends the lifetime of the unit and makes the operation of the drive free of problems.

IDR can assist with failed units with our specialist Vacon NXC repair services

Vacon NXC Range of Power

6 and 12 pulse supplies:

  • 3 times 380-500 V, 132-1200 kW

  • 3 times 525-690 V, 110-2000 kW

AFE supplies:

  • 3 times 380-500 V,132-1500 kW
  • 3 times 525-690 V,110-2000 kW

Low Harmonic, Active Filter supplies:

  • 400 V, 132-560 kW
  • 500 V*,132-560 kW

  • 690 V, 110-800 kW

*requires 690 V active filter

You can mount the NXC unit on the wall or have it free-standing. The choice is yours. Also, the control section is easy to access, so you can reach relays, auxiliary equipment, and equipment with ease. The power terminals have lots of space around them. This feature makes maintenance, installing, and connecting cables straightforward. Servicing is easy due to the mounting rails and the pull-out jig.

Vacon NXC Features

  • Low price as no extra design, engineering, or more cooling fans are necessary
  • Reduced running and servicing time because it is easy to access the control section and the keypad can be removed with ease.

  • Easy to service as a result of the mounting rails and the service concept with a pull-out jig

  • Little maintenance is necessary as the design is strong and tested thoroughly

The Vacon NXC unit comes with an installation guide, a user guide, and an operating guide so setting up is trouble-free.


  • Fieldbus Firmware – VACON Advanced Safety Option Firmware


We have a range of options for you to consider for your repairs of your NXC unit.

* These services are subject to availability.

  • Standard Repairs – the Unit will be repaired within 7-10 working days

  • Urgent Repairs – the Unit will be repaired within 2-3 working days

  • Service exchange – Failed units can be replaced within 48 hours

  • Spare (supply) unit – If you require a spare unit, we can supply the same unit as the original *

Our Key Service Promises

We take pride in the quality of our repair service and we offer high standards of work with low prices. Also, you can make use of our 2-year warranty. Above all, you will appreciate the speed of our work.