IDR provide expert Vacon NXL Repair, Servicing and Refurbishment Services.

The VACON NXL is an AC drive that engineers have designed for Lift applications. The VACON NXL drive is a potent and small AC drive that is perfect for industrial or domestic use. The spectrum of power is between 0.25 and 30 kW. The bookshelf design saves you space. The system has high protection classes and varied control and programming capacity. All these features make the VACON NXL drive the best answer for any operating environment.

Easy to:

  • Install
  • Connect
  • Commission

Everything is included when you purchase as standard. You can install the unit on the wall and it will fit almost anywhere.

Easy Installation

The Vacon NXL unit is so easy to install and program with the help of the quick guide. The construction is simple but it is super-flexible to use. There are a variety of control outcomes and programmable features.

The drive is suitable for all kinds of loads and the noise is low.


  • No extra cabinets to purchase

  • Everything is integrated and there are no extras to buy

  • Easy to use

  • Quiet

  • Many control possibilities

  • Huge number of features

  • High performance

Easy To Use

You can program the Vacon NXL settings by using the start-up wizard. There are just four steps and then you are ready to go. There is a guide with full instructions attached to each unit and the manual folds up to credit card size for your convenience.


The VACON NXL software is easy to use. You can program all inputs and outputs. Also, there are features for process control. Even better, the default settings mean that the drive will operate without any extra programming.

VACON NXL Repair Options

We work to the highest engineering standards, so we offer the best quality repair and refurbishment options. Furthermore, we know that a broken machine affects your business and your bottom line. As a result, we have several repair options:

* These services are subject to availability.

  • Standard service – 7-10 days

  • Urgent – 2-3 days

  • Service Exchange – we will replace your unit for another one within 48 hours*

  • Spare Unit – we can give you another unit the same as your original*

Our Promises to You

  • No fix no charge

  • Fast repair time
  • Transparent charges
  • 2 year warranty

  • Fast delivery

We are proud of our quality drive repairs and we can guarantee that your drive will be as good as new. Our skilled engineers do a quality job in record time.