IDR provide Vacon NXS Repair, Servicing and Refurbishment Services

VACON NXS is an AC drive. Customers install it in all industrial sectors, buildings, and machines. Vacon NXS is for pumps, multi-pumps, compressors, and conveyors. NXS is the standard model.

Engineers have designed the Vacon NXS to be robust to protect it against supply network issues. The drive operates reliably due to complex motor control principles and protection features. This model also cools itself effectively.


  • Easy programming
  • User-friendly display panel

  • Variable I/O selection

  • Separate modules for packaging

  • Variety of power options

  • Everything included

  • Start-up wizard

  • Low noise

  • 195mm wide by 237mm deep by 519mm High

  • 690V 3 Ph motor in VxF

  • Input Voltage is 500-690V – 15%/+10% at 50-60Hz (± 10%)

  • Wall-mounted


  • All-in-one high-level EMC filters ensure the Vacon NXS is appropriate for every environment
  • Start-Up Wizard and integrated Application Package for simple setting of parameters

  • Multi-monitoring system allowing monitoring of up to 3 values at the same time

  • Standard I/O and options for 5 I/O boards gives flexible control

  • Most used fieldbus options are on offer


  • 3 times 208-240 V, 3/4 – 100 HP (0.55 – 75 kW)
  • 3 times 380-480 V, 1 – 550 HP (0.75 – 355 kW)
  • 3 times 525-690 V, 2 – 500 HP (1.5 – 500 KW)

The Vacon NXS is easy to set up with an intuitive start-up guide.

You can mount the VACON NXS on the wall. There needs to be space around the drive so that the fan can cool the air and to facilitate maintenance.

Vacon NXS Repair Options

Our engineers carry out high-quality repairs. We can also refurbish your old model so it operates as good as new. Our experts understand how a faulty drive affects your production and costs you money.

You can choose from several repair options:

* These services are subject to availability.

  • Standard – 7-10 working days

  • Urgent – 2-3 days

  • Service exchange – replacement within 48 hours*

  • Spare unit available.

Our Promise

If we can’t fix your drive we won’t charge you. We aim to have the highest quality repair service at the lowest prices. Also, we pride ourselves on our fast repair times. Even better, our delivery is fast. If that isn’t enough, you can benefit from our 2-year warranty.