IDR provide Yaskawa drive repair, refurbishment & service exchange services of industrial drives and inverters worldwide.

The Yaskawa Electric Corporation is a Japanese Company that manufactures servos, motion controllers, AC motor drives, switches, and industrial robots. The company has its headquarters in Japan and it was founded in 1915. Yaskawa’s mission is to contribute to the betterment of mankind by developing and enhancing world-class technologies that are high in quality. Yaskawa has 14,500 employees in 60 offices. Moreover, they install more than 2 million AC drives a year. You will be hard-pressed to find a better industrial drive.

Yaskawa Drives Repair

Yaskawa produces high-class industrial drives and inverters that are used across the globe. The company has extensive knowledge and experience in automation. Yaskawa has installed more than 22 million AC drives in a variety of locations. These drives work well for many years due to their high manufacturing quality and excellent design for a long, maintenance-free life.

IDR perform Yaskawa Drive Repair for all models, including:

  • A1000

  • J1000

  • D1000

As Yaskawa has more than 100 years of experience, their drives combine technical superiority with ease of use. The huge range of drives means you will find something to ideally suit your application. Further details on Yaskawa Inverters and drives is available here.

Applications of Yaskawa Drives

  • Mining
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Toolmaking
  • Automotive industry

  • Packaging

  • Wood processing

  • Elevators

  • Textile industry

  • Semiconductor industries

Yaskawa drives give you power, toughness, and reliability.

Choosing a Yaskawa drive has a wealth of benefits. You are receiving a well-designed product that is built to last. The AC drive gives you precise motor control that saves you energy, money, and time. These drives are environmentally friendly with low emissions. Their smooth running means you will have minimal maintenance costs. They are also robust enough to perform in extreme environments and can function at a wide range of temperatures both inside and outside. Combine that with low noise and low vibration and you know you have a winning product. However, even the best drives fail eventually and that’s where we come in with our premier Yaskawa drive repair service.

Our engineers have decades of experience with Yaskawa Inverter Repair and refurbishment. Your drive will be returned to you as good as new. If we can’t fix it we won’t charge you and can advise you on your replacement or refurbished product.

These unique drives use 3-level control. Yaskawa has designed low-voltage drives with innovative architecture. Problems with long motor cables and motor bearing failure are avoided by the 3-level technology. Also, the units run extremely quietly giving you a smooth installation. Even better, the drives offer high flexibility and excellent vector performance. You receive supreme control of speed, torque, and position.

Yaskawa units are extremely safe and are in accord with all modern standards. They are also reliable and should last a long time in most environments.


  • Benefits
  • Optimum control

  • Energy efficiency

  • Liquid and air-cooled drives

  • Large power range

  • Money-saving

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Energy efficient

  • Reliable

  • Low cost

  • Low maintenance

  • User-friendly

  • Easy to install

  • Detailed manual

  • Robust

  • Long-lasting

Yaskawa Drive Repair Options

We realise how important reliability is to you so we have a comprehensive Yaskawa drive repair service tailored to your needs as a unique client. Our expert engineers are trained to a high standard and will carry out your repair quickly and with attention to detail. Your drive will be returned to you by courier as good as new. If you prefer, you can choose to have your drive refurbished or choose a replacement.

We are committed to meeting the needs of our clients and we believe we offer one of the best repair services in the business. Our company is proud of its track record and our goal is to be no.1 in the industry.

  • Standard Repairs – the unit will be repaired within 7-10 working days.

  • Urgent Repairs – the unit will be repaired within 2-3 working days.

  • Service exchange – Failed units can be replaced within 48 hours with a service exchange unit. *

  • Spare (supply) unit – If you require a spare unit, we can supply the same unit as the original. *

* These services are subject to availability.


  • 2-year warranty

  • Fast service

  • Experienced engineers

  • Friendly customer service

  • 24/7 technical support

  • Courier return service

  • Global coverage

  • Reliability

  • Flexibility

  • No fix no fee

  • Low prices

  • High quality